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Cloth, Soft Baby Books

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HABA Animal Friends Fabric Book

CODE: HA-3729

Price : $24.99

825 points
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Product Description
Animal Friends Fabric Book by HABA is a highly-engaging baby book. In it the mouse becomes the cat and the monkey becomes enormous, which makes all the animals squeal with delight. Each page offers multi sensory stimulation (crinkle, mirror foil, squeak, flap with...[more]

HABA Habalinos Fabric Book

CODE: HA-3732

Price : $10.99

363 points
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Product Description
Habalinos Fabric Book by HABA whimsically illustrates little creatures with their favorite activity (mouse with cheese, cat with a ball of string, cow with milk, etc.). This soft baby book offers visual, tactile and auditory stimulation. It is brightly-colored, crinkles,...[more]

HABA Pure Nature Fabric Book - Magic Leaf

CODE: HA-2192

Price : $17.99

594 points
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Product Description
HABA Pure Nature Fabric Book - Magic Leaff is soft and ideal for babies. Peek-a-book, rustling elements, and contrasting colors provide sensory stimulation. Made of super soft organic cotton and filled hygenic polyester for easy washing and drying. The HABA Pure Nature...[more]

HABA Stroller Soft Book - First Words

CODE: HA-2422

Price : $9.99

330 points
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Product Description
HABA Soft Book - First Words features simple, yet delightful images (no words) to explore over and over again. Easily attaches to strollers and car seats to keep your baby entertained. Perfect for being out and about. Washable. Child-safe and non-toxic. Benefits...[more]

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