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Classic Toys

eco-friendly, classic learning toys, traditional wooden toys for kids

Traditional Toys

Classic or traditional toys withstand the test of time. They appeal to basic human senses (sight, touch, scent, sound, and, yes, even, taste). Wood, for example, is a natural anti-bacterial material. It is ideal and safe as baby teething rings to soothe tender gums.

Classic wooden toys exude timeless beauty and meet your baby's or toddler's basic needs in simple ways. They stimulate your child's intelligence and engage her imagination without a lot of unnecessary frills. They were naturally and simply good then; they are still naturally and simply good for your child now.

Passing & Keeping Traditions

Classic toys are also good for connecting the generations. They help pass on history and keep traditions alive. All in all, it's hard to go wrong with classic toys.

Natural & Safe Classic Wooden Toys

These classic toys are made of natural materials and are child-safe and non-toxic.


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