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Musical Toys

Musical toys for babies, music toys for infants

Musical Toys

Musical toys are natural sleeping aids. Try the following: Establish a regular time for bed. Just before then, slow down the day's pace. Soften your voice, dim the lights, and play soothing music. When done regularly, these will signal that it’s time for bed and ease your baby to a sleep time routine.

If the musical toy doubles as a stuffed animal or doll, it also serves as a wonderful and familiar daytime companion to comfort baby throughout the day.


Since all babies put whatever they can into their mouths, you will be comforted to know that the musical toys for infants you’ll find here are made of child-safe and non-toxic materials.

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HABA Pure Nature Musical Toy - Bunny (Hush Little Baby)

CODE: HA-3965

Price : $29.99

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Product Description
HABA Pure Nature Musical Toy - Bunny (Hush Little Baby) is a waterproof music box. It plays a beautiful melody of the classic "Hush Little Baby" when its child-safe string is pulled. This high-quality musical toy is made under controlled organic farming processes to...[more]

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