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Rattles, Teethers, Grabbers

Natural Teething Rattles, Wooden Baby Teething Toys, Wooden Baby Rattles, Non-Toxc Teethers

Baby Rattles, Teethers & Grabbers

Babies like to shake, teethe, and grab. These are ways of engaging their new world. When considering early toys for your newborn, choose ones that give gentle feedback. Babies are highly disorganized and can be easily upset. It's good to select toys that stimulate their five basic senses with soothing sounds, large round contours, bright colors, and different textures. Such toys will help your baby begin to develop a foundation for understanding his or her immediate environment.

Naturally Safe & Non-Toxic

The baby rattles, teethers and grabbing toys you'll find here are made ofnon-toxic, sustainable materials. They are eco-friendly, natural, or wooden. They are certified child-safe and non-toxic.


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