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Nesters & Stackers

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Children;s Nesting & Stacking Toys

Stacking and nesting toys are ideal toys to help your child hone her fine motor skills (small precise movements like turning a page, picking up small objects, or brushing teeth). These are important skills towards independence and take some time to refine. The best nesting and stacking toys grow with your baby to toddler years as she learns about colors, shapes, animals, or other educational content, which build her vocabulary and expand her understanding. As educational toys, stackers and nesters stimulate early reasoning skills (this one goes first, then this one) and help you child develop problem solving skills.

The nesting and stacking toys you'll find here are carefully selected for their high educational potential and optimal play value.

Non-Toxic and Safe

All the stacking and nesting toys for kids at ChildTrek are third-party certified child-safe and non-toxic.

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HABA Color Fun Pegging Game

CODE: HA-2188

Price : $39.99

1320 points
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Product Description
HABA Color Fun Pegging Game - Give your child a good start with this colorful and developmentally-appropriate early-construction toy to stimulate his or her intellectual growth. Stack, sort, configure, construct in full color. Endless fun and possibilities. Strengthens...[more]

HABA Educational Game: Patience Blocks

CODE: HA-1193

Price : $19.99

660 points
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Product Description
HABA Educatinal Game: Patience Blocks appropriately and delightfully challenge toddlers and preschoolers. Beyond building, these 3 colored blocks are ideal for introducing balance, cause and effect, while advancing problem-solving skills. Brighly colored, children will...[more]

HABA Fantasy Blocks

CODE: HA-2297

Price : $44.99

1485 points
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Product Description
Tap your child's imagination with these beautiful and brightly-colored wood blocks from HABA. Thanks to their optical effects the HABA Fantasy Blocks will fascinate your precocious child. These wooden blocks transform first buildings into authentic little artifacts...[more]

HABA Fantasy Land Jigsaw Blocks

CODE: HA-1953

Price : $57.99

1914 points
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Product Description
Mouse, bear, lion and the other unique wooden blocks can be arranged into a jigsaw picture or piled like construction blocks. HABA Fantasy Land Jigsaw Blocks has a kaleidoscope block, mirror, and little bell. This will provide hours of fun for your little one. 40...[more]

HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game

CODE: HA-2202

Price : $36.99

1221 points
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Product Description
HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game - Discs and pegs onto slots make this a unique, easy and fun early learning toy for toddlers and preschoolers. Beautifully and brightly-colored pieces invite young children to explore and discover the many creative arrangements and...[more]

Hape Fantasia Castle Blocks

CODE: HP-E0418

Price : $29.99

990 points
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Product Description
Hape Fantasia Castle Blocks - uniquely shaped blocks with enchanting patterns inspire building in a whole new way. This set features 26 multi-shaped, multi-sensory blocks. Good-sized and brightly-colored, your toddler will love to stack, build, and...[more]

Hape First Shapes Puzzle

CODE: HP-E0502

Regular price: $12.00

Discounted price : $9.96

You save: $2.04 (17%)
329 points
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Temporarily sold out.

Product Description
The Hape First Shapes Puzzle is an age-appropriate early learning toy for the very young. It is simple yet challenging enough to encourage success and sense of accomplishment. Helps strengthen fine-motor, hand-eye coordination and early problem-solving skills....[more]

Maple Landmark Colorful Shape Stacker

CODE: ML-73036

Price : $26.99

891 points
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Product Description
Maple Landmark Colorful Shape Stacker - Six brightly-colored shapes (circle, octogon, heptagon, hexagon, pentagon, square, and triangle) stack to teach young children color, shapes, and numbers. Also helps develop hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills as...[more]

Plan Toys 4-Bin Storage Unit


Regular price: $160.00

Discounted price : $119.83

You save: $40.17 (25%)
3954 points
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Product Description
The Plan Toy 4-Bin Storage Unit features 4 generously-sized bins with 2 adjustabele dividers for each bin. Perfect for storing toys, play foods, arts and crafts, and more! Beautifully-made...[more]

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