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Plan Toys Shape & Sort It Out

Shape & Sort It Out by Plan Toys

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CODE: PT-9430

Price: $27.99
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6.1" x 6.1' 4.3' / 15.5 cm x 15.5 cm x 11 cm
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Product Description

Plan Toys Shape and Sort It Out is an ideal toy to teach your child colors and shapes. It is also great to help develop fine motor, hand-eye coordination, and early problem solving skills. Comes with 6 colorful wooden shapes, a wooden box with side handles, and a removable lid.


In addition to learning about shapes and colors, Plan Toys Shape and Sort It Out helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills in kids. These abilities play an important role in preparing kids to be self-sufficient. Such skills are critical in a child’s ability to use a spoon to eat, to write legibly with a pencil, to turn pages in a book, to dress, or to brush his or her teeth.


Plan Toys Shape & Sort It Out is third-party certified child-safe and non-toxic. Meets or exceeds US and European safety standards.


Plan Toys   
BPA (0%)
Phthalates (0%)
Safety, PVC (0%)
Learning, Lead (0%)
Play Facts Toxic Colors (0%)

Fine & Gross Motor Skills - Multisensory Stimulation - Hand-Eye Coordination - Cause & Effect - Cognitive, Language, Socio-Emotional Development


* Based on age appropriate play. Specific benefits may be higher or lower depending on toy, child & adult engagement.


INGREDIENTS: Sustainable chemical-free rubberwood; Third-party certified non-toxic, water-based dyes; Formaldehyde-free glue

Third-party certified non-toxic & child-safe. Meets or exceeds US & European safety standards. Made in world-class factory in Thailand under stringent quality & safety controls.

ABOUT PLAN TOYS: Plan Toys is a multi-award winning toy company. It uses environmentally safe, responsible and sustainable methods to produce toys that minimize environmental impact.

In addition to industry standards, Plan Toys follows its own stringent in-house safety standards - often higher than those set by the industry - to ensure a worry-free playtime for your children

The educational merits of Plan Toys are recognized by some of the most prestigious awards in the toy industry such as the Parents' Choice Award and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award.


CAUTION: Play immediately after opening. No batteries required. Will stimulate gray matter between your child's ears.

Note: 0% means none or no detectable levels. Label is for illustration purposes only and is not exhaustive. Individual product certification available upon request.


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Plan Toys Shape & Sort It Out

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