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HABA Musical Toys - Percussion Set

HABA Musical Toys - Percussion Set

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CODE: HA-5997

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Product Description

HABA Percussion Set is an ideal first musical toy set for toddlers: easy to play with, giving off great sounds to satisfy their love for sounds.  Inspire your little musician with this easy and fun musical toy set: 1 triangle, drum with 2 drumsticks, and a rattling stick. Safe for teethers. No choking hazards. Expertly made in Germany. Child-safe and non-toxic.


Babies need multi sensory stimulation early in life. It helps them put "two and two" together. Grasping toys like HABA Percussion Set help very young children meet their basic needs. For example, babies need something hard and safe to bite on while they are teething. This helps soothe their tender gums. A pleasant rattle sound provides gentle and reassuring feedback. Various textures and sounds create association opportunities (this surface is smooth; this thing is hard; when I shake this, it makes sounds), which help babies begin to organize information in their disorganized young brains.

Made Of / Made In

HABA Musical Toys - Percussion Set is made of beech wood and metal; child-safe, non-toxic, water-based paints under rigorous safety and quality controls. Meets or exceeds US federal and European safety standards. Expertly made in Germany.

Manufacturer / Safety Compliance

HABA is a family-owned and multi-award winning German company. It has been making high-quality, open-ended children's toys for over 70 years. HABA has DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. These certificates guarantee a high-quality environmental management system, as well as consistent product standards, the compliance of all prevailing safety requirements and the rigorous abidance of all environmental guidelines. HABA complies and often exceeds both the European (EN-71) and North American (ASTM) safety standards. Prior to market placement, materials are safety tested and documented by independent institutes.

The HABA Made in Germany line of toys are manufactured in Bad Rodach, Germany where HABA's worldwide headquarters are located. The wealth of experience, coupled with the latest technologies guarantee consistently high-quality products.

HABA Safety Statement

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