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wooden learning blocks

Building Blocks for Learning & Childhood Memories

Wooden blocks are simple, yet exceptional, educational toys. They inspire creativity, engage the mind, and are practical tools to help kids learn a number of important skills. Your child can build pyramids, castles, forts, and any number of unique creations. Alphabet or language blocks help your child learn letters, numbers, colors, animals, and more.

Wooden blocks are also ideal as keepsake toys. They become classic and nostalgic items that are passed on to next generations. They also serve as a wonderful reminder of a childhood full of fun and learning.

What Research Says

It is well known that toy blocks serve as building blocks for children's creativity. Research also shows a strong link to literacy development. A recent study reported in the October 2007 issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine finds a strong association between playing with building blocks and a significant increase in language scores in young children. On average, kids who played with blocks scored 15 percent higher on their language assessment than those who did not. Researchers speculates that such a measurable increase is partly due to creative block play replacing other time spent in activities that do not encourage language development, such as watching television. They also maintain that child and parent playing together remains the strongest way of promoting children's development.

Natural & Safe Wooden Blocks

The learning wooden blocks you'll find at ChildTrek are made of natural materials. Theyare child-safe and non-toxic.

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HABA Fantasy Land Jigsaw Blocks

CODE: HA-1953

Price : $64.99

2145 points
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Product Description
Mouse, bear, lion and the other unique wooden blocks can be arranged into a jigsaw picture or piled like construction blocks. HABA Fantasy Land Jigsaw Blocks has a kaleidoscope block, mirror, and little bell. This will provide hours of fun for your little one. 40...[more]

Hape Fantasia Castle Blocks

CODE: HP-E0418

Regular price: $30.00

Discounted price : $23.96

You save: $6.04 (20%)
791 points
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Product Description
Hape Fantasia Castle Blocks - uniquely shaped blocks with enchanting patterns inspire building in a whole new way. This set features 26 multi-shaped, multi-sensory blocks. Good-sized and brightly-colored, your toddler will love to stack, build, and...[more]

Plan Toys 4-Bin Storage Unit


Regular price: $160.00

Discounted price : $119.83

You save: $40.17 (25%)
3954 points
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Product Description
The Plan Toy 4-Bin Storage Unit features 4 generously-sized bins with 2 adjustabele dividers for each bin. Perfect for storing toys, play foods, arts and crafts, and more! Beautifully-made...[more]

Plan Toys Geometric Sorting Board (Classic Design)

CODE: PT-24031

Price : $24.99

825 points
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Product Description
Plan Toys Geometric Sorting Board (Classic Version) has 16 colorful, geometric pieces featuring bright, primary colors. They can be stacked together according to the number of holes in the middle of each. This...[more]

Rubbabu Aniwheelies - Fuschia Pig

CODE: RU-20090F

Price : $6.99

231 points
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Product Description
The Rubbabu Aniwheelies - Fuschia Pig is soft, velvety, yet durable. Great for children who love things that go! Made of natural rubber - free of phthalates - and is certified child-safe and non-toxic. Perfet for babies to preschoolers. Wheels are secure and pose no...[more]

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